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Elephant-Shaped Multi-Purpose Kitchen Drain Basket

Elephant-Shaped Multi-Purpose Kitchen Drain Basket

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Introducing our Elephant-Shaped Multi-Purpose Kitchen Drain Basket, an adorable yet functional addition to your kitchen essentials. This innovative drain basket, designed to resemble an elephant, adds a touch of whimsy while serving a practical purpose. It's perfect for washing and draining fruits and vegetables. Made from durable PP material, this lightweight basket is easy to handle and clean. Its unique design allows water to drain out smoothly, mimicking an elephant spraying water. Available in a variety of colors to match any kitchen décor.

Versatile Use: Ideal for rinsing and draining fruits, vegetables, or even storing kitchen items.

Durable Material: Constructed from high-quality PP material, ensuring long-lasting use and easy cleaning.

Adorable Design: The unique elephant design not only adds a playful touch to your kitchen but also makes the draining process fun and efficient.

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